Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are You Rich?

I am often asked how many books I have written. I usually say I don't know because I've stopped counting. Then the person will ask me how many of my books are published. Again I answer that I don't know. Eight out of ten times, the person then replies, "Wow, you must be doing good! Are you rich?"
My new reply now is, "Why, yes, I have been very blessed." And no, it isn't a lie because I am. I'm rich in blessings:-)
Writing is a labor of love and if a writer is in it for the money, then it isn't truly labor of love, it's work. Of course getting paid for your work is good, and making a lot of money is great. Becoming a best selling author would be even better! But that isn't why we do it.
We do it because of our love of the written world. We do it because it's a creative release and we're just oozing with creativity. We do it because if we don't give our rampant ideas an outlet, we will one day spontaneously combust, releasing all that pent up creativity, and leave brain fragments scattered all over the desk and computer screen or kitchen table, for family and loved ones to clean up. That would be pretty messy, and the visual is actually making me a little ill. (Another idea for a book, maybe?)
So the next time someone assumes you're doing really well and getting rich from your writing, you say, "Heck, yes, I'm rich!" Because your God-given talent is truly producing some major blessings. It is bringing new people into your life and taking you to places you never thought you would go, and you're soaring to new heights you never thought you would reach.
Now I'd say that's rich, wouldn't you?

Suggested Reading

Book: Hearts Through Time
Author Marie Higgins

I started Reading Hearts Through Time on Monday and couldn't put it down. Then I caught the flu and was in bed for a couple of days. As sick as I was, I forced myself to sit up for a couple of minutes here and there to read more of the book because I just had to find out what happened next. A couples of times I felt like I was dying after doing this and had to sleep for a couple of hours because it took so much out of me. But as soon as I woke up, I struggled to read another paragraph or two. Now this, people, is the sign of a great story!

The Book
A love story that transcends time . . .

When a woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal's office and begs for help in solving her murder, he thinks he has lost his mind. A scandal that rocked Hollywood almost destroyed his law practice, so he doesn't need any more fireworks as he rebuilds his life. Still, he is intrigued by Abigail Carlisle's plea, and he needs clients, even if this one insists she's dead. The more secrets Nick uncovers, the deeper he falls for the beautiful ghost.
Abigail believes Nick is her heart's true desire, but how can happily-ever-after happen when she's already dead? The more time she spends with him, the more real she becomes, until Nick can finally touch her.
In a strange turn of events, Nick is suddenly whisked back to 1912, two weeks before Abby's murder, but she doesn't remember him. When he attempts to win her over so he can save her from a tragic destiny, Abby thinks Nick is courting her for her inheritance. But even if he can rescue her and make her trust him again, how can they be together forever?

This book was a sweet lighthearted read that immediately drew me in and moved quickly, and there wasn't one dull moment. The cover is absolutely beautiful and exactly how I would picture Abigail. It was such a fun story and the author's personality clearly shines through her writing.

I asked Marie how she came up with the story.

Marie: How did I come up with the story? Well... Three years ago (or so) paranormal was getting bigger, and I wanted to write a paranormal romance, but vampires and werewolves were just not interesting. Ghosts were. I wanted the woman to be my ghost from 1912. Why that era you ask...because I love their clothes! Ha ha ha! So before actually plotting my story, I whipped out the first chapter. Little did I know there would be such a mystery surrounding her murder. After chapter four I realized I had to actually plot the story. lol I can honestly say, my characters wrote this story for me. I never knew I could create such a plot.
To find out more about Marie Higgins and her books, stop by her blog at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Crush . . . Ah, Puppy Love (Sigh)

I had a lot of favorite television shows in the late 70s and early 80s. All In the Family, Good Times, The Jeffersons, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Nanny and the Professor, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman . . . the list goes on and on.
But all of those shows could never compare to my absolute favorite, Starsky and Hutch! That was my show with a capital S, because I had a major crush on both David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson. I'm talking major, people! I was engaged to them both and they had no idea. They were both going to wait for me to get a little older, then marry me. They were going to pick me up in Zebra-3 and we'd ride off into the sunset.
Yes, people, in my young little mind, I was already a teenage bigamist!

Now that I am much older with a capital M, I still love the show and watch the reruns wherever I can catch them, and I plan to own the complete series before the year is over. (Thank goodness for Amazon.) And though the love affair with these sixty something year-old guys has ended (I'm married to my own handsome blond-haired, blue-eyed Hutch) they will forever have a place in my heart as the most awesome cop duo and my first crushes.

So, what were your favorite 70s and 80s shows, and who was, or were your heart-breaking hunks? Leave a comment and I'll send you an ecopy of the revised edition of my contemporary romance Against the Odds with the gorgeous new cover!