Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis The Season For Good Books!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I hope we all took the time to remember the things we are grateful for, and felt gratitude for blessings, both recognized and unrecognized.
I hope we all stuffed ourselves until we were miserable, took a nap, then repeated the process. That's the only way we do Thanksgiving at my house:o)

From now until Christmas, I will be featuring some of my favorite books for children. These books make excellent Christmas gifts!

Book: With You All The Way
Author: Max Lucado

Carlisle, Alon, and Cassidon--known by all in the kingdom as the bravest and best knights who serve the King. But now the time has come to see which is truly worthy of the Princess's hand in marriage. As the Prince tells the three of the King's test, the knights understand the danger of the journey before them. And with only the King's song to guide them and one other to accompany them, they must prepare for the adventure of their lives--an adventure which may cost them everything.

Who will the victor be? Carlisle the strongest, Alon the swiftest, or Cassidon the wisest?

A kingdom waiting. A journey through darkness. Encounters with those who deceive. A finally... a victory. Elements you and your children will find not only in this delightful story, but also in your relationship with God. That's why the message shared here is such a powerful one.

Your children will love finding out which knight won the fair maiden's hand. But you'll love how this timeless tale tells that there is One who knows how to guide them through this world. And He will journey with them all the way to their heavenly castle and the celebration to come.

Max Lucado's beloved story, originally published as The Song of the King, has been freshly illustrated for a brand new generation of kids--and all of us who love them--to enjoy together. It's a new chance to entertain young readers while writing on their hearts a truth they need to know. The truth that God will be with them all the way.

Book: Because I Love You

Author: Max Lucado

There once lived a wise man named Shaddai who built a wonderful village for children to live in--and built a wall around it--because he loved them. Then one day the village's most curious child found a hole in the wall and crawled through it, despite Shaddai's warnings. Shaddai's response to Paladin's choice in this fully illustrated story reveals to children how very much God loves them, and the lengths He will go to help and protect them.

Both these stories have a powerful message that will touch the hearts of both young and old.

With You All The Way and Because I Love You can be purchased at your local bookstore.

Experience The Journey!


JoAnn Arnold said...

I've decided I find the best books by simply reading your blog and the blogs of other FF's, You save me hours of browsing a bookstore in an attempt to find the best. Thank you.

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Good post! We had the similar situation at my house on Thanksgiving, as I'm sure others did as well. :)
Thanks for the info on the books.