Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who Knew? Now I Do!

Our oldest daughter is getting married this week, and yes, we are very excited, but since this will be our first daughter to marry, this wedding is a trial run for us and we have learned many things.
But first, who knew it would be so expensive for the bride to say I do?
We didn't!
However, when it is all over, we know the expense will definitely be worth it.
Now, back to the lesson learned. If you want to do a reception on no budget (yes, you read it right) I have just the plan for you. Now mind you, I ran this plan by our daughter, and um . . . well . . . it didn't go over too well. Anyway, here it is.

The Low-Cost, No Cost Reception/Open House For 50 Guests or More

On the invitation, you should have informed the guests they would need to bring $2-3.00, or even more depending on their appetite.

*Reserve a spot at your local McDonald's. This can be done by sending in a group of 10 an hour before the reception. Have those ten people spread out over one side of the restaurant.

* Have those same 10 people request a couple of balloons and tie those balloons to their chairs.

* Inform the employees that there will be a large party coming in so they are prepared.

* Have someone bring in dandelions about 10 minutes before and place some on each table in a McDonald's courtesy water cup. (Scrapbooking stickers on the cups are optional.)

* Have an aunt, uncle, distant cousin out on bail for robbing a Photo-mart, etc. waiting at McDonald's with a couple of disposable cameras to take snapshots of the bride and groom as they enter. Inform the other patrons who are not wedding guests that they may be in some of the shots and to smile big. (A signed consent form may be necessary to avoid lawsuit, so have your 'photographer' come prepared.)

* Have the guests begin ordering as soon as they arrive. Since it is an open house, they can eat, wish the bride and groom well, leave their gift, and go so others can use the seats.

* If the McDonald's is one with televisions, ask if a music channel is available and switch the televisions to that station or mode. If one is not available, ask the management if they will allow your uncle Harvey to play his accordion for a little soft background music. If not, have your younger son smuggle in a small boom-box and play it without the bass.

* Limit dancing to the section where the bride and groom are seated only, and don't block the restroom entrances.

* Make sure your guests empty their trays and place them on top of the garbage containers. You'll want to leave the restaurant as tidy as you find it (with the exception of the mashed French fries on the floor) and make this a memorable experience for the newlyweds, the guests, and the restaurant staff.

Note to the parents: After the newlyweds and guests are gone, be sure to fill out a comment card and maybe even bring a thank you card with you to give to the management and let them know how much you appreciate the use of their establishment.

If you follow these simple tips and stick with the plan, your daughter's wedding reception is sure to go smoothly and the experience will be remembered and shared with family for generations to come!
Happy Planning!

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Shirley Bahlmann said...

Okay, that was very clever, Jewel! You made me laugh... I could just see it!

Marsha Ward said...

Very good, Jewel! If my daughter ever marries, I'll keep this venue in mind.

Michele Ashman Bell said...

I wonder if Wendys has the same deal?

Loved it, Jewel!

JoAnn Arnold said...

We only had boys, but three married girls from another area so we had to have an open house.

We didn't have a McDonalds in Orangeville, Utah, but we did have a little resturant between Orangeville and Castle Dale, (I'm sure you recognize those names). Had I known what I know now, after reading your blog, we would have saved a lot of money.

Rachelle said...

This was hilarious! Hope it went well.
I wanted to tell you about an awesome contest I entered at
The Original Scrapbox Check it out and please vote for me, #319 for the cutest craft giveaway. Thanks a bunch!