Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things to Ponder For the New Year

It is always exciting to me to begin a new year. It's a time to put the mistakes of the past year behind me and renew my vow to be a better person in the coming year, to live my life better than I did last year. How grateful I am for that opportunity. My motto has always been, and always will be, "Make the world a better place because you are here and leave everyone and everything you come in contact with better because of it." Of course, like most, I always fall short, but what's important is that we keep trying, keep reaching higher when it comes to the important things in our life. And always remember to be grateful for all we have been given, both the seen and unseen blessings. Feeling a deep sense of gratitude in all things will automatically make us better than we were. It's all about living the best life we can, remembering where our blessings come from, and never taking anything or anyone for granted.
If we can all keep these things in mind and act on them, oh what a happier people we will be!
Happy New Year!

Tooting the Nook Horn!

My amazing husband got me a Nook for Christmas, so I am officially a Nooker now! I'm am totally loving it. It's like having a portable library in my purse, and it's pretty easy to use, which is awesome since my overloaded brain can only take so much:-)
To find out more about the Nook, log onto barnesandnoble.com


Michele Ashman Bell said...

I agree with your thoughts exactly. I do feel like I fall short every day, but I really do try my very best. Thanks for sharing. I admire you so much and your new book looks incredible!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Tell us why you went with Nook over Kindle - I've been wondering which is better for what. Either way, I'm glad you got one and are loving it!

Jewel's Gems said...

I saw a demonstration at Barnes & Noble and was sold. It's very easy to work, downloading ebooks from my laptop was a breeze, as well as downloading the free ebooks from Barnesandnoble.com
Plus, I've downloaded my favorite music and can listen while I read. It's pretty awesome:-)

JoAnn Arnold said...

I agree with your thoughts, as well, and what a great husband you have. My son has the Nook. He loves it. Now,I want one.