Monday, January 17, 2011

What Are Your Dreams?

I have said this frequently, but I never would have guessed or could have even fathomed when I was eighteen that I would one day be married to the amazing man I have been privileged to marry, the mother of eight, writing books, and speaking to groups. I had dreams and aspirations, just not those. But as I have come to know, dreams can change, and when we are open to God's will for us, we are blessed beyond all imagining. Now, if I can reach the dream of hitting the NY Times best seller list, that would definitely put a cap on my writing dreams:-)

So, what are your dreams? Leave a comment sharing your dreams along with your email address and receive a copy of The Wishing Hour or Against the Odds ebook free!


toribrock123 said...

some of my dreams are to be famous for something, and to meet Josh Groban (a famous singer that i really like!) i would also like to be rich ;) but as you can tell, some of my dreams or unreasonable... haha. could you send me The Wishing Hour please? i have the other one =) thanks so much!

my email is

We Krazy Knuts said...

Jewel, my most recent dream is to have a day with no whining from the children...but I know that's probably not going to happen. So my real dream is just to raise a happy family that will be together forever. I love your books!

My email is

ChrissyMcGee said...

My dreams lately are a lot more practical than they used to be. I dream of staying put in a house for longer than a couple of years.

Thanks for your generous offer of an ebook. Can you please send The Wishing Hour? Thanks,

Chris B.

Homework Warriors said...

My son told me about his college project: come up a BHAG - a big, humongous, audacious goal. Mine? To be writing my next NY Times best seller on the deck of my yacht as we pull up into port to gather my grandchildren for a cruise. Along with my family, I've found someone who can share it all with me. And I know I've done something to change the world for the better. I'm working on my four goals right now, and hoping my sons are taking care of the grandchildren part.
BTW - Thanks for asking! Jodee