Monday, September 5, 2011

A New Challissian Novelette

So many readers love my romantic fantasy The Wishing Hour and have asked if there would be a sequel. I never planned to write one, but one of the characters who made a very brief appearance in The Wishing Hour begged to have his time on paper, so after three very late nights, he is now having his say.

Guardian of My Heart: A Challissian Novelette is the story of the connection between Gideon, a handsome immortal warrior and his mortal true mate, Cillian. Most of this emotionally-charged short story is told from Cillian's point of view as she shares her innermost thoughts on events that change her entire existence.

So, if you are a fan of The Wishing Hour and have wanted more of the hunky Challissian warriors, you have your wish. And if you are new to the world of the powerful soul's bond that connects true mates from two different worlds, hopefully experiencing these emotions through Cillian's eyes will touch your heart and win you over.
Guardian of My Heart will be available September 9th on,,, and Available in paperback September 30th.

Excerpt from Guardian of My Heart

“Well, well, what do we have here?” The hardened voice causes me to jump, and I drop the flashlight as the large figure appears from nowhere. Matty spins around, coming face to face with the dangerous looking man. “So, having some roadside trouble, are ya? Or maybe a roadside tryst? If so, count me in for a piece of the action.”

Before I can even blink, the man flashes a knife. Since he is blocking the door of the car, I can't get in. Matty shoves me back and I scream when the man takes a swipe at him, but Matty manages to dodge the blade.

“Well, ain't you quick?” he says with amusement in his voice. “Hey, Harvey, this boy don't know who he's dealing with, does he?” A rough laugh fills the air as another man walks up beside Matty's car. He also produces a knife and slashes the tires.

Fear rips through my insides. Turning his head, Matty anxiously looks into my eyes and mouths “run” just as the man shoves the blade into his chest. In frozen horror, I watch his body fall to the wet road. As soon as the man's eyes move to me, I take off running through the trees.

Running blind in the vast wet darkness, the prayer forming on my lips is an endless chant–a chant for my safety, and for Matty's well-being. He just can't be dead, and if he is, I will never get over the loss because it would be my fault for leaving the studio like I did. I continue to run, somehow managing to dodge the trees. As the footsteps draw closer, visions of my mortality play before me on the movie screen that is my mind. The final vision of a beautiful blond god burns itself in my mind's eye, and the sound of his familiar voice saying, “I am here, beloved,” brands a place in my heart, just as the pain of the blade cuts the said organ in two.

Then I hear no more.


SecretMae said...

I love your stories, do you make your book covers or does someone else?

Maggie said...

Congrats on the new book!