Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Thinkin' Books for Christmas!

Here are a couple of neat little books by a couple of
awesome people. One is an amazing friend, the other, my amazing daughter:-)
So if you are needing gift ideas for friends who love books, then both of these are available to order on Amazon. And I promise you will enjoy them!

Book: Me, Myself and God - Volume 1
Author: M. L. Walling

About the Book
A collection of short personal family stories that reflect the love of my mother and father for each other, their children and those around them. And how through their example, they influenced the decisions and choices others would make in their lives.

Book: Bailey's Book of Randomness
Author: Bailey Adams

About the Book

If you have ever wanted to get inside a teenager’s brain and see how it works, here you go!
Welcome to Bailey’s World of randOmnEss!

And as always, in you are in the mood for romance, swing by my website or visit my Amazon page and check out my books!

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