Friday, April 18, 2008

Letting It Happen

Have you ever had one of those days when the more you try to think positive about some things, the harder that little chimpanzee jumps on your shoulders until pretty soon, it turns into a huge gorilla? Raise your hand if you have. Well, guess what? Yours truly, the queen of positive thinking has those days too. As a matter of fact, I had one of those days this past week.

Walking through the book section of Walmart, I noticed a few new titles on large displays that were not there the week before. Or, maybe they just didn't jump out at me the week before like they did on this particular day. Anyway, while a large part of me was jumping up and down with happiness for these great and talented people, a small part of me began to question the worth of my own writing. Not that I haven't had those days before, but for some reason this one in particular was pretty rough.

I went home, and later on that day, pulled up my newest project on my laptop and typed in some thoughts that came to me on the way home. Then I typed in some more that night, and again the next morning. Suddenly I was oozing with thoughts and my mind was in the "author zone," as my kids call it. And do you know what happened? I began to feel grateful! I was grateful for the two ton gorilla that had attacked without mercy, because had it not been for that giant ball of fur I now consider my friend, I would never feel the desire to best myself when it comes to my writing, or anything else for that matter.
I am a great writer! I KNOW I AM! And one day that huge display with my name in lights will happen for me, too!

I found myself thinking back on something my son said a few weeks ago. Nikolas, my nine year old, came up to me while I was in the kitchen and asked, "Mom, why don't you have a job?"
I answered, "Well, this is my job, being home and taking care of you guys."
He was quiet for a second, then he said, "I thought writing books was your job."
I replied, "That's my job, too, but I can do that at home as well so I don't have to be away from you guys."
Then he ended the conversation with a reply that said it all, giving me one of those treasured mother/writer moments and letting me know that I really am doing some good.
His words were, "Well, I think you have the greatest job in the world."

Life is grand, ain't it?

Thought For The Week

I have a list of positive affirmations on my desk that I try to read each day.

* I am a beautiful and amazing woman.
* I am a NY Times Best Selling Author.
* I am successful in everything I do.
* I make the world better because I am here.
* I am blessed in every aspect of my life.
* I am an incredible person.
* I am a royal daughter of God.

Do you have a list?

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Cheri J. Crane said...

Wonderful blog, Jewel. ;) I'll be adding your link to my blog in a few minutes.

Jewel's Gems said...

Thanks, Cheri. This blogging stuff is pretty fun:o)