Monday, June 16, 2008

Dreams Unspoken, Dreams Fulfilled

When I was about six years old, my brother and I used to sit in a field of tall grass behind our old, dilapidated house and eat two-for-a-penny cookies that we'd bought with money we found in that same field. The coins were usually dropped by alcoholics staggering through trying to get to their own poor homes.
While we ate our precious treats (for we were dirt poor and indeed they were precious) I would dream. I would dream of being rescued from my abusive home and showered with with love and presents. I would dream of a new family coming to take me and my brother away. I would dream of feeling safe.

When I became a teenager I dreamed of being freed from the pain of childhood. I dreamed of one day having everything I needed or wanted in life and not having to depend on anyone for anything. I dreamed of not being afraid of people, of one day breaking free of my emotional prison.

When I became an adult I dreamed of being forgiven for past mistakes, of being able to overcome my past, of moving on, and being deserving of future blessing and future dreams I had for myself. I dreamed of truly living life the way I was meant to live it.

I still have many dreams, but most of them are for my family now, for they were my biggest dream, and they will always be the dearest dream of all.

Dreams come in stages. Never stop dreaming. The day that you do is the day you stop living.

Book Recommendation

Book: Hannah's Reach Author: Eileen Snow

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"Hannah's Reach is the story Charles Dickens would write if he were alive today. Always one to weave a heart-wrenching tale of a lonely child, he could find no better setting for his story than today's foster care system. It's the book about love, children, and the spiritual side of Christmas readers have wanted to experience for years."

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