Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review: Room for Two

Everyone has trials and I'm sure we all have one or two that really push up to the limit and make us wonder if we will make it through them. But some people face trials unlike anything we could imagine and less you are in that person's shoes, you can't begin to understand how they feel. Abel Keogh's book Room for Two is the is the perfect example of walking through the fire of an agonizing trial and overcoming, holding to your faith and coming through stronger than ever.

The Book
"Sweetie, I'm home." I tried to put as much kindness into my voice as possible. I didn't want to have another argument - at least not right away.
Silence. "Sweetheart?" A gunshot echoed from our bedroom, followed by the sound of a bullet casing skipping along a wall. Everything slowed down.

When a life is destroyed, when guilt says you played a role in its destruction, how do you face the days ahead?
Twenty-six-year-old Abel Keogh chooses to ignore the promptings he receives concerning his wife's mental illness, and now he feels he is to blame for her choices. If only he had listened . . .

At some point in our lives, each of us face devastating afflictions and must eventually cope with loss. Regardless of how it happens, the outcome is still the same - we are left isolated, alone, wondering what we could have done differently, and where we can turn for peace. This is Abel's story in his own words. His search for peace and the miracle that follows is proof that love and hope can endure, despite the struggles and tragedies that shape each of our lives.

This book affected so much emotionally that the story stayed with me long after I finished it. I was saddened by what Abel went through losing his wife so tragically, yet I felt the joy of his triumph of making it through it. His story is sure to inspire the reader because it proves that none of us are alone, and when we are at our lowest, as long as we lean on Heavenly Father and His son, we can make it through this life, no matter what trials we are faced with.
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