Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remembering Why We Are Here

Here is a neat little thought I found on life.

"We each have an important role to fulfill during this journey we call life. The things we absorb along the way can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed, confused, and not sure which direction to follow. Recall, Reclaim, and begin working toward fulfilling the purpose for which you were sent and you will find new meaning, joy, fulfillment, and a sense of deep inner peace in each and every area of your life."

Life is a challenge sometimes, but aren't we up to it?

Have a great day!

Suggested Reading

Book: Dynasty Of The Holy Grail: Mormonism's Sacred Bloodline
Author: Vern Grosvenor Swanson

The Book
Dr. Vern G. Swanson has produced a thought-provoking book on the topic of the Holy Grail and the bloodline of Jesus. His perspective on the subject has grown after reading nearly 400 books on the Holy Grail, and his 28 years of research on the topic. Going far beyond the mortally flawed best sellers, Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code, his epic book will be applicable to both Mormon and non-Mormon audiences. It is certainly the most significant scholarly tome on the Holy Grail and the bloodline yet.

I've read through this book over and over, and I still read a bit of it each day. I can't praise this author enough for his divine insight in both writing it and the amazing information it includes. Each time I read through it I learn something new, and my love for the Savior is increased even more. When you read this book and look up the scripture references, everything clicks and makes perfect sense.
Dynasty Of The Holy Grail is a must read. Get your copy today!

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