Monday, November 8, 2010

TheTiger, Unleashed

Last week I had the opportunity to read The Tiger, Unleashed, an awesome new romance ebook by Rachel Rager.
The Book
- The year is 1878 and Adella Barnes has lived a normal life in her little sun-scorched California town. The daughter of the mayor, she struggles with the image people expect of her and how to deal with her betrothal to a man of her father’s choosing. When she meets a dark stranger, Blake Stanley, Adella’s need for adventure is fueled by his mysterious existence. Even when his past criminal record is revealed, she longs for the safety she feels when he is near. Discovering that he was accused of killing her brother, her faith in his innocence wavers. Still, her heart speaks to her of a love that can only be born in the heavens and she decides that she will always love him, regardless of his past. To save her love, Adella must prove Blake’s innocence before the real criminal discovers the truth about Blake and kills them both.

The Tiger, Unleashed
is a story of heartache, betrayal, and love; a love that can endure the feuds of family and the laws of the state. Through faith and trust, this novel illustrates the trials the heart must endure when faced with incredible odds.

Romance has always been my favorite genre to read and this is now one of my new favorite books. I absolutely love the characters and Blake Stanley is the perfect leading man. He is the loving, handsome hero with a mysterious bad boy side and is perfect for the adventurous Adella. This book has it all, romance, mystery, and emotion-driven characters that completely pull you into the story. I couldn't put it down and finished it in a day!
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Rachel Rager said...

Thanks for the lovely review,, Jewel! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)