Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Am Black and An American, Darn It!

Yes, I am on another rant about the unnecessarily absurd political correctness we've been bogged down with in this country.

So, I pose this question: Why is it that a black person is automatically labeled African-American? I mean, how did we come up with this deduction? Why is it assumed that my ancestors came from Africa? What if they were from Jamaica or the Bahamas or Fiji, or even South America for that matter? Or maybe they were blacks born in Greece or Scotland. Why are all blacks dumped into the same ancestral gene pool? Who died and made the powers-that-be "Kings of So-Called Political Correctness," or rather "Political Incorrectness?"
My father's grandmother was half-white, and my mother's grandmother was a full-blooded Black-foot Indian. That would make me a mix-blooded American, wouldn't it? But I'll just settle for Black-American, or better yet, just plain old American, because that's what I am. Do we ever hear white people called Dutch-American or French-American, or Egyptian-American? (Actually, the last one would be pretty funny:-) Even the Native Americans' ancestors came from somewhere else. Almost everything we've been taught about history is poppycock!

So, to sum up this rant that could go on forever (and I do mean forever) let's just dump all this political correctness garbage in the garbage because that is where it belongs. I am black, and I am an American! Do you hear this, people? I am an American! And I'm a nice one, too. Really, I am:-)
Have an awesome day, my fellow Americans!

Suggested Reading

Book: The Third
Author: Abel Keogh

This is a book I couldn't wait to read because I knew it would be good, and I wasn't disappointed. Imagine living in a time when it is illegal to have more than two children unless you pay the government for the privilege. (Not hard to imagine since our country is slowly heading in that direction anyway.) This story is about a family that finds themselves in this dangerous situation when the wife becomes pregnant and the husband is unable to purchase the mandatory credit needed to be approved of the right to have a third child.

The Book
In this stark and haunting look at the not-so-distant future, an environmentally minded society elects to limit the number of children couples can have, enforcing dire consequences for lawbreakers. But when his wife gets pregnant with a forbidden third child, Ransom Lawe is forced to choose between the government who's trying to save the world from ecological disaster and the family he loves dearly.
When Ransom Lawe, a recycler in the Pacific Northwest, finds out his wife is pregnant with their third--and therefore illegal--child, he's forced to choose between the government who proclaims a desire to save the planet and his hope for a place where his family can live in freedom. But with the Census Bureau Sentinels closing in on his wife and unborn child, Ransom's choice will either save his family or tear them apart forever.

Abel Keogh offers a stark and haunting look at a not-so-distant future in this chilling new novel. Crossing lines between good and evil, freedom and oppression, and political and environmental responsibility, The Third is a gut-wrenching tale of intense loyalty and unconditional love.

I finished this book quickly because I couldn't put it down. Very thought-provoking story, not to mention the author is a great guy:-) Get your copy of The Third by logging onto Amazon.com


Jewel's Gems said...

Test, test.

Candace E. Salima said...

Awesome, Jewel. I do love your style!

Anna del C. Dye said...

I agree. I don't look Latinan so no one asked me anything but when they hear my accent some even do a double take. SOOOO obvious.
And then is: Where are you from?
I am American.
You can't be, you weren't born in the USA.
Ohhhh please. Chile is in America (South, but still America)
America isn't a country is a continent.
There you have it, my own rent. :)

JoAnn Arnold said...

Excellent blog. I totally agree. I mean I'm Scot/Irish/English/Welch/French with a little Icelandic mixed in.

Karey said...

Liked this very much!

Abel Keogh said...

I'm Irish American--just like O'Bama. :-) Ha ha. Kidding. I'll take American, just like you.

Glad you enjoyed The Third.

Vicki said...


Jewel's Gems said...

Thanks, everyone, and Abel, I love you! You make me laugh:-)

Heidi L. Murphy said...

I dislike this question on forms, so I say I'm Celt...:o) There have even been a few where I wrote that I was Trinovantian (one of the early Celt tribes). I think that should indicate how stupid their divisive question is. I think they WANT to inspire racism. We're all just children of our Father in Heaven, right?