Monday, May 2, 2011

Thinking For Ourselves - Think About It

"Is there any vestige of truth left in our declaration that we think for ourselves? Or do we even trouble to declare this any more? Perhaps the man who says he “thinks for himself” is simply one who does not think at all; because he has no fully articulate thoughts, he thinks he has his own incommunicable ideas."
Thomas Merton

I have always been a person who likes to go against the grain. I don't like to conform to what society deems "important." I never have. I am not politically correct, and I don't read the newspaper or listen to the news and accept it all as truth. I mean, how many of us have the "Of course it's true because it was on the news or in the paper" mentality? How many of us take what the medical profession says as gospel? How many of us believe everything we've been taught by the world? And if we do, why is that?

From the time my children were young, I've always encouraged them to learn as much as they could and strive to stay informed because I didn't want them to grow up letting someone else do their thinking.
Thinking for ourselves is so important, especially with all that is going on in the world. We are faced with information (sometimes indoctrination) coming at us in every direction. There are many paths to choose, varying in length, ease, and difficulty. There are also endless possibilities placed before us, and it will always be that way on this journey we call life. It is up to us to not just choose the good part, but choose the better part. If we strive to do this, there is no way we could ever be led astray. And when we do this, we are truly thinking for ourselves and will not be swayed by the media, by celebrities, or any worldly thing.
In the complicated world we live in (and it's only going to get more complicated,) truly learning to think for oneself is is definitely a priceless and crowning achievement, one that does not boast with pride or sound a trump glorifying the fact, but an achievement that will earn one the blessing of hearing an affirming inner voice whisper, "Well done. Now let's continue on, shall we?"


ladystef said...

How true. I always try to see things from both sides. It's a very different perspective when you walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Educating yourself is liberating.

Heidi L. Murphy said...

I agree. Too much of what is written today is pure crap. In fact, I have found that even Snopes (an entity most of my friends swear by) has been bought. They only verify the things they are told to verify.
Like Scully and Moulder, I subscribe to the idea that, "The truth is out there".
Heidi Murphy (also known here as kwixylver)

stanalei said...

And blessed be the person who will for think for himself and form an opinion and NOT "share" it as fact to the rest of us.
Good topic to think about. Thanks, Jewel.

Adeline Niesha said...

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