Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Books Aplenty!

Does anyone else have a to-be-read pile a mile high? I love, love, love books-romance, fantasy, Sci-fi, romance, YA, romance-I just love good books! And did I mention I love romance? I've decided I can't buy any more books until I get my stack down. Notice I said 'I've decided.' We'll see how long that little decision sticks:-) So, how many books are in your to-be-read pile? Leave a comment along with your email address and receive a free copy of my newest romance novelette, Sweet 21 Birthday Ball!

About the book
When Italian pastry chef, Marcello Giannini took the train to visit his parents, he could never have guess how much this one trip would change the course of his life.

Dominique Jensen has only loved one man her entire life, and she has been unable to open her heart to another. Discouraged, she wonders if the dreams and wishes she has fostered for so long will ever come true.

But how long is too long to wait for love?

Suggested Reading
Book Secrets After Dark
Author: Marie Higgins

About the book
Will Hannah be Thornton Manor's latest victim? Residing at Thornton Manor under the premise of courting Jonathan Thornton, Hannah Forester intends to find out who murdered her father - and why. After all, Jonathan's brother Morgan was the last person to visit Peter Forester before his demise. But upon her arrival at Thoronton Manor, Hannah is informed that Morgan perished the previous year in a house fire. She soon learns the manor is full of secrets: a ghost haunting the East Wing, a white wolf that roams the grounds by night, and the story of a curse-protected treasure on the neighboring island. Most disturbingly, Hannah discovers that numerous young women have visited the manor only to vanish without a trace. When a hooded, deep-voiced man visits Hannah's bedroom late at night, warning her to leave the manor for her own safety, she realizes he must be Morgan Thornton. But why does he hide in the East Wing, and why does his family insist he is but a ghost? As Hannah falls in love with the handsome older brother, she must continue to court Jonathan in order to remain at the estate. Can she convince Morgan where her true loyalties lie? And will she uncover the Thorntons' secrets quickly enough to solve her father's murder before she loses her own life?

Can I say I just love this book? Not only is it an awesome romance, it's a great mystery. From the moment Hannah entered the mansion, I felt this spine-tingling excitement because I knew her anguished and misunderstood true love was there just waiting for her. And oh, the lies and secrets that come to light! When Hannah is instructed not to enter the East Wing it made me think Beauty and the Beast and I was afraid for her. But she is made of some pretty strong stuff. And you gotta just love a woman that can desperately love one man, yet be good enough to deceive another. If you love a good romantic mystery, you will love Secrets After Dark. I'm Team Morgan all the way!


Mary L Walling said...

WOW! Sounds great! I'm all ready reading A Walk in Heaven. This will have to go on my to-be-read list. That is about a mile high at the moment. That includes the ones on my Kindle, purchased, and ones to read and review. They will all get read though. :-)

Marie Higgins said...

Jewel, you are awesome! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story. This book was very different from what I'm used to writing, so I really worried if readers would like it. So far - they all have. WOO-HOO!


Painter Home for Boys All Points Bulletin said...

I have about 30 books. It's hard to not collect books whith a Kindle. It's ruined me. I am constantly looking for free books that look interesting. My goal is to not download any more books or buy any more until I get my stack down, but like you I'll have to see how well I do with that. :)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

It's been a while since I stopped by your blog. Love what you've done. I have a huge pile of books I'm working on and there's always a few romances in the ever-growing pile.

Jamilla Robinson said...

On Wattpad alone, I have at least 50 books that I need to read, at the top of that list : More Poison in Your Coffee?
And on my computer *sigh* let's not go there, but at the top of that list is Forged By Trish McCallan.