Monday, October 27, 2008

Goofy: An American Scandal

With all the talk of the presidential election, I thought it a good idea to point out a candidate who is starting quite a buzz himself. Though I have severed all ties with this candidate, I still have special feelings for him, despite out scandalous past.

I have decided to post an excerpt from last night's episode of 20/40 where Barbetha Waters interviewed the candidate who could very well be the next president of this country.


BW: Goofy, how long will you deny the affair that took place between you and Lady while Tramp was away on business?

Goofy: Well, goosh, Barbetha, read my lips. The alleged affair between Lady and myself never took place. Besides, Tramp was not alone on his business trip. He took Peg. I repeat, I have had no relations with Lady whatsoever.

BW: And what about the polygamy scandal with your two ex-wives? Do you honestly expect the American people to believe that the accusation is false when we have witnesses from the Aristocat Group that testify they were present at both weddings? Stop trying to jerk our chains and admit it!

Goofy: Under no circumstances will I admit it because it is not true. I divorced Jewel before I married Hollie, pure and simple.

BW: There are those who think you have crossed the line with your proposal of the "Dog and Master Look-a-like Day." You really think we need a holiday celebrating people whose features favor their dogs? What about the ones who look nothing alike? Don't you think they will feel left out?

Goofy:Of course they're going to feel left out, but that is to be expected. We can't please everyone. Nevertheless, we do what we can for those dedicated owners who aren't ashamed to go out in public dressed like their dog. That is exactly what this country is missing, pride in pet ownership. A vote for me will bring that pride back.

BW: We have witnesses who have reported seeing you enter the Club 57 disco this past Saturday with a tall, voluptuous blonde. They think it was Betty Boop in disguise. They also reported seeing your underage son, Max outside the club with his skateboarding friends. Is that true?

Goofy: Goosh, I would have to say . . . no comment. Now let's talk about the extra rations of Kibbles-n-Bits and steak I would like to propose for America. Now I think. . .

BW: That's all the time we have tonight. I'm Barbetha Waters and we'll see you next time on 20/40.

Isn't election time fun? :o)

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