Monday, October 13, 2008

The Journey

Yes, today I have decided to shamelessly toot my own horn:o) I am featuring an excerpt from my YA fantasy The Journey. And, I am running a special. Purchase a copy of The Journey and receive The St. John Trilogy and For Love of Angel ebooks free!

Ciran's eyes widened in wonder as she took in the scene beyond the gate. There were people walking to and fro along the gray cobblestone streets. Small merchandising stands lined the streets where people were purchasing various items. Large stone buildings loomed imposingly, casting shadows over the stands and providing shade for both merchants and patrons.
Ciran lifted her eyes and gazed at the elegant structures. Some were more so than others with stone spires reaching toward the heavens and archways that had to have been created by the most gifted artisans. She guessed this area to be the town square.
Glancing back the way she came, Ciran was startled to find that the gate was no longer there. In its place was a large cluster of flowering bushes. Shades of pink, purple, and ivory burst from the branches, providing a feast of wonder and beauty to her eyes. Puzzled, she scanned the area around the floral bushes, searching for the missing entrance but saw nothing except a wall of stone.
I should not be surprised, she mused with a half smile. There was definitely no changing her mind now. Not that she would even if she could. She was determined to see this through.
Turning back to face the crowded street, Ciran opened her satchel and pulled out a small piece of paper containing an address Alana told her to find. There, she would find permanent lodging and work. Looking up and down the street, she stood unmoving for a moment and tried to decide which direction she should go. She closed her eyes for a moment and attempted to shake away the sudden feeling of aloneness. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes and found the courage to forge ahead. She would get nowhere standing still as she was.
Just as she was about to step into the street, a black and gray carriage pulled up, stopping right in front of her, completely taking her by surprise. The carriage driver immediately jumped down and she was startled, not only by his action, but his appearance as well. The man stood no more than four feet tall. Fiery red hair flowed past his shoulders and bushy brows framed his gold-colored eyes. His smile was wide as he approached her.
“Are you needing a ride to Havenwood, miss?”
“I am,” Ciran replied.
“I am Orion. I am here to take you to Havenwood.”
“But . . . how did you know?”
“Why, we were expecting you.” He opened the carriage door and held out his hand. Sensing Ciran's hesitance, he said, “I will get you there safely, miss. You have my word.”

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LC Lewis's "Hear Ye, Hear Ye" said...

I hope it does great, Jewel!

JoAnn Arnold said...

I think it's a very good idea to toot your own horn. I'm proud of you. In fact, you may have given me an idea.

Michele Ashman Bell said...

I love this story and feel like it has such an important message. Everyone, especially youth, should read it. Congratulations, Jewel!