Sunday, October 5, 2008

Three Angels For Christmas

Over the past months, my children have been slowly handing in their Christmas lists. Some of the things they ask for I look at and think, okay, that's doable, while other things on the list make me look at them and think, do you really expect this? Evidently they still think there is a money tree hidden around our home somewhere:o)

Even though they get excited about presents, food, Christmas music, food, putting up the tree, and food, when it comes to remembering what Christmas is all about, they are pretty grounded.

Since all of both mine and my husband's family, with the exception of my mother-in-law, live back east, our family is pretty much alone during the holidays. Both of my parents and grandparents are gone and I think of them often during the holidays. I get a little lonely for them, but I still feel blessed to have had them in my life and I'm grateful for the things I learned from them.

I read a neat little booklet called Three Angels for Christmas by Lori Nawyn. In this booklet she shares her feeling about her experiences of losing loved ones during such a joyous season. She also shares the blessings that she received during those trials.
Three Angels For Christmas is a great little story to share with friends and family and makes the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life.
Three Angels For Christmas is published by O. Halverson & Co. and can be purchased through Brigham Distributing. To find out more about Lori Nawyn, visit her blog at

More Suggested Reading

Book: Her Good Name
Author: Josi S. Kilpack
Publisher: Deseret Book

The Book

Chrissy is having an identity crisis. As a single woman and convert to the Church, she has always managed to find her place in life — at least until someone else begins using her credit cards, her bank account, and, most important, her name. Now the real Chrissy must prove her innocence against a growing pile of collection notices and unpaid bills. But with no job, no money, a warrant for her arrest, and a closet full of high-heeled shoes, a girl can only get so far.

When Chrissy meets Micah Heet, the other half of a blind date gone bad, the two discover they are facing the same battle and join forces to find the perpetrators. Little do they know that the small semblance of life they have left will be put on the line in the process.

I love all of Josi's books and this was another great one. She has a way of tackling important subjects and her novels leave you both satisfied and informed. Not to mention she is a neat, neat lady:o)

Her Good Name is available at Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and

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Julie Wright said...

her good name is a favorite read of mine. I am glad to hear about three angels. It sounds like one I will definitely want to pick up!!